“Shit It’s raining”

I can’t think of a better thing to put on an umbrella.

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Friday Nicoradi 10/25/13

Akira: All right! Now is the punishment game corner that we forgot about before! You have to do an imitation of a friend, and it’s okay if we don’t know them.
217: Then… Melochin, you do something. Do that one thing.
Melochin: When I was in my first year in college — well, that was over 6 years ago — I actually studied overseas for about half a year. At that time, I had a roommate named Abel.
Akira: Oh, that’s good!
Melochin: Abel would always want to say “man” at the end of his sentences. He was a very hiphop kind of guy. Abel would say “man” at the end of everything, so I’d like to do an imitation of that.
Akira: That’s fine!
Melochin: All right.
Akira: All right, an imitation of Abel.
3, 2, 1…
Melochin: Abel wakes up in the morning… “Ahh… Good morning, man. How are you doing, man? Umm, are you feeling down(?)? Oh, yeah, let’s go to shopping mart… man.”

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【ギルティ†ハーツ】ギガンティックO.T.N 踊ったり 膨らんじゃったり       

Guilty Hearts’ O.T.N’s hip thrust gif set.

Ohmmomononoom, I need a life.

I have 6 more to upload… yeah, I dunno whut happened, I didn’t feel like doing homework so…yush, I hope you like this lil’babies



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